My name is Kat and I love to make dessert!

Welcome to my first attempt at creating a space dedicated all of the baking projects that have become an essential part of my life.

About My Baking
I began baking and cooking at a young age. What was little more than a child’s hobby has since become a passion for creating unique flavor combinations and desserts to please. I have found that, despite sporting a significant amount of artistic drive, my creativity is best suited for crafts. What better hands-on art is there than one that’s edible?

When I was in high school, I decided to kill two birds with one stone, channeling my love for animals and my love for dessert into a single pursuit. Thus, Kat’s Cakes: a Benefit for Cats and Dogs was born! I made and sold baked goods for several years, with all of the proceeds being donated to my local animal shelter. Though I’ve since moved away from home, I still continue to sell custom cakes and goodies in Berkeley and Oakland. Check out my custom orders page if you are interested in purchasing some treats!

I continue to bake and cook as often as I can. Nothing makes me happier than inviting friends over for an evening of food and conversation.



About Me
I am a Bay Area native and recent graduate of UC Berkeley having studied English and Neurobiology. I love to read, learn and listen, and Cal was the ideal place for me to pursue all of my passions. Outside of academics, my time at Cal was enriched by my involvement in the Cal Band as a member of the bass (sousaphone) section and activities with the Cal Triathlon Team. I also worked in a lab on campus run by Jennifer Doudna that studies the CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing method as a tool to cure neurodegenerative diseases.

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I now work as a writers assistant/creative for Dr. Vivienne Ming out of Socos Labs, a think tank that runs mad science projects aimed at maximizing human potential. I love the vividness and variety of my job and love helping Socos share their stories with the world.


Other interests include science fiction, gardening, travel and games. I have also discovered a passion for running and hiking in recent years. I ran over 4,000 miles this past year, and I hope to continue progressing and exploring the Bay Area on foot in the future.

All in all, l strive to stay busy and active and am always interested in trying new things and seeking out new adventures.

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